WOOD - an invaluable gift of nature



You just have to love it!


Hermina Bogar, prof. kem.&biol., Owner.


Through our services that include mediation in the purchase and / or sale of timber, cooperation in solving of eventual reclamation, taking over of timber on behalf of the client, the survey purchase / sales opportunities, and many other activities, we always try to meet expectations and satisfy the individual needs of our business partners. We strive for long-term cooperation and satisfaction of all parties involved in the realization of business.


We work with domestic and foreign companies from Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. Range of business partners ranging from sawmills, manufacturers, craftsmen, to wholesalers.


We deal mainly with wood of higher quality, suitable for various types of joinery products. Currently the leading tree species in the area of ​​wholesale are spruce - Picea abies, fir - Abies alba, Siberian larch - Larix sibirica, European larch - Larix decidua (L. europea) and pine - Pinus sylvestris, European Oak - Quercus petrea, Quercus robur, European Ash - Fraxinus excelsior, Black Walnut - Juglans nigra.



   Quercus sp.

   Larix sibirica


We are also active in the sales of high quality glued window profiles and wooden strips, with emphasis on more demanding programs of special dimensions and construction (spruce, larch, oak, ash) produced by our business partner in Slovenia.